February 2014 was one of the eventful months for The Calerey.   Mr. John Lange, President of Madison Services, Inc., visited the Philippines in search of skilled Filipino workers who can perform work for his projects in the US Naval Facility at Guantanamo Bay Cuba (GITMO).   Based in Madison, Mississippi , Madison Services, Inc. is a 27 year-old company that provides a wide variety of services to the agencies of the US Government. Madison specializes in Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contracts. Madison is a recipient of the 2012 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Small Business Achievement Award. This is an annual award which recognizes exceptional contributions to the DHS mission by selected group of business firms from across the US.

The Calerey had provided Filipino workers to Madison in 2010 for the complete renovation and restoration of a 7 hectare facility at GITMO where it replaced all electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems within the facility. The completed facility was re-commissioned in May 2011 43 days ahead of schedule.
One of the purposes of Mr. Lange’s visit to the Philippines was to locate members his former team of Filipino workers who were instrumental in the early completion of his 2011 project at GITMO.  He wanted these original workers to be the starting team to once again man his GITMO projects.   He had such a high regard for the Filipino workers’ skills, adaptability, flexibility and work ethics that he could not think of any other group workers who can do a job better and faster.  Mr. Lange’s visit included a trip to Bataan to re-establish contact with his former project supervisor who lives there with his family.

At The Calerey office in Makati, Mr. Lange, conducted qualifying interviews of workers aspiring to be part of Madison’s team for its new projects in Guantanamo Bay.   The Calerey had already started sending workers to Guantamo Bay for Madison.  These workers join hundreds of Filipino workers already deployed in GITMO working for projects of other companies who are also clients of The Calerey.