Job Descriptions


1. _Mechanic, Senior 

Inspect, troubleshoot and repair site equipment
Assemble and test new equipment
Perform and oversee routine maintenance on company equipment
Replenish or add equipment fluids after repairs or assembly
When directed, use the internet to look up parts that may be required to make repairs
Promote safety by training junior personnel in correct and best practices
Work closely with site managers to maximize equipment reliability and uptime.

 2. Mechanic, Junior

Assist senior mechanics
Refuel equipment
Check fluid levels in equipment
Look for leaks of oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant during inspections, report same to designated manager on Inspection form.

3.  Electrician 

Electrically hook up and commission new equipment
Troubleshoot, diagnose and repair electrical equipment
Troubleshoot, diagnose and repair electrical faults in company equipment
Assist port engineer and other contract electricians ashore or afloat (on vessels) at site.

4.  Communications / IT Tech

Set up, commission, maintain, troubleshoot and repair a satellite communications system, including voice and data via the internet
Administer and maintain a small local network

Administer, set up, troubleshoot and repair PCs, software and hardware connected to the omms system and local network

Program, troubleshoot and repair small electronics such as portable radios
Assist electricians in troubleshooting possible electronic faults in equipment or systems ashore or afloat



Safely perform various tasks across all of the company’s site activities, as directed
Immediate supervisor will be assigned dependent on the task(s) being performed
Use all required PPE, observes all best work and safety practices, takes direction but also demonstrates initiative and an ability to work without direct supervision
Work duties may be ashore or afloat (on vessels)